Infection Control

Hillcrest Dental Services

Infection Control

Infection control is a vital process to protect the patient, the dentist and the staff against the risk of infection.

The design of the office, the selection of the equipment and the dental materials and the staff procedures are all geared towards infection control. All our instruments are individually packed and autoclave sterilized. We also autoclave all our hand instruments for scaling, tooth preparation and filling and periodontal and oral surgery.

We use electric-driven hand-pieces which are more powerful, vibrate less, are smoother and give ultra-quiet operation for a more relaxing experience for you. All our hand-pieces, low and high speed, are cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaning bath and hand-scrubbed after each use. It is then placed in an MSK lubricating cleaning machine to ensure proper cleaning and removal of debris, and to ensure smooth operation. The instruments are then placed in individual sterilization bags and vacuum suction autoclaved. Autoclaving is exposing the instruments to 135C at 128KPa (high pressure) for 60 minutes.

Even the scrub/polishing wheels used to clean the partial and complete dentures end temporary crowns are autoclaved between patients in sterilization bags. The few things that cannot be autoclaved are soaked in a cold sterilization solution for 3 hours.

We make extensive use of disposables: air and water tips, saliva ejectors, suction tips, syringe tips, anaesthetic cartridges and composite compiles that are all discarded after one use. Masks and gloves are used for patient care at all times and gloves may be changed several times during treatment to prevent cross-contamination or if it is perforated or torn.

The surgery is thoroughly wiped down with a disinfectant between patients.

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