Root Canal Treatment – Endodontics

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Root Canal Treatment – Endodontics

A root canal treatment is necessary when the blood or nerve supply of the tooth (called the pulp) becomes infected due to decay or injury. The first signs of this problem are pain or sensitivity. This infection can spread inside the tooth and cause small pockets of pus to develop and cause and abscesses.

If this abscess is not treated the infection can spread and you may eventually need the tooth to be removed. Before root canal treatment was devised the only way to treat this disease was to remove the tooth.

The procedure is done under local anesthetic and may cause slight discomfort. The dentist will remove the diseased or dead tissue down to the root of the tooth and drain any abscesses, the inside of the tooth is then cleaned to prevent further infection and shaped. The dentist will then place a temporary filling and leave the tooth and the surrounding infection to subside.

On a second visit the dentist will ensure that the infection is gone and then replace the temporary filling with a permanent one. An extraction is a cheaper option, but that leaves a gap in your teeth and may cause later problems and require a bridge or implant which is very expensive. It is always better to keep your own teeth as long as possible.

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